Training for private forest owners from the Polog region

March 10, 2019

Training for private forest owners (PFOs) in Jegunovce, Vrapchishte and Tearce

In the framework of the project "Private forests for positive changes in the Polog region", subgranted by the LCDF, CDI and Alka, project funded by the EU, implemented by REFORD and the National Association of private forest owners in Macedonia,  was organised a one-day separate training for the private forest owners in three municipalities in the Polog region, Vrapchishte, Tearce and Jagunivce.

 The trainings were organised in order to strengthen the capacities of the target groups, the training was on topics related to the following priority areas:

  • Rights and obligations of private forest owners in RN Macedonia;
  • Lobbying and
  • Advocacy processes as well as financial opportunities for private forest

Also, the training was focused on improving mutual and communication with the general public, especially the tools and possibilities for involving the PFOs in all processes at the local level, as well as better representation of the interests of the citizens. The trainings were conducted by the expert Mr. Vladimir Stojanovski, and a welcoming speech had Mr. Daniel Gjenchevski REFORD representative and  Mr. Vojo Sokolovsk, President of the National Association of Private Forest Owners (NAPFO).


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