SFM Trainings in Macedonia

October 27, 2011

SFM Trainings in Macedonia 2011
In cooperation with the National Association of Private Forest Owners under SNV – SIDA Kosovo & Regional project in 2011 REFORD delivered 9 trainings to private forest owners, members of NAPFO Macedonia.

Four different training modules were offered to PFO’s:

  •  Extended Biological Reproduction
  •  Forest Cleaning Operations
  •  Forest Standards
  • Safety measures

The majority of private forest owners were interested оn the possibilities to use Government subventions for improving their forests since they are not well informed on this topic. On their request, all 9 trainings were conducted on Extended Biological Reproduction. They were done in 6 municipalities where NAPFO Macedonia has their branches with a total number of 116 forest owners as participants in the trainings.
All trainings were delivered indoor in two parts. The first part of the training was presentation of the possibilities that forest owners have for afforestation and pre-commercial tinning by using Government subsidies, how they can apply, what services NAPFO Macedonia can offer to them and what are their and NAPFO Macedonia obligations if they apply for subsidies trough the association.

More information are provided in the  Report Sustainabal first management trainings in Macedoniaontacted  

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