NEW project Fight Illegal Forest Actions FIFA

July 17, 2021

In cooperation with United States Forest Service, starting from September, REFORD will work on implementation of a new project, Fight Illegal Forest Activities (FIFA).

The project is financed by the Federal Financial Assistance, through the USFS International Programs.

The project is focusing on illegal activities in forests as one of the main factors for the loss of forest areas and forest degradation. With this project, REFORD will be provided with the assistance of US expertise on fight against forest illegal activities.

The Project Goal is to increase awareness and knowledge related to illegal activities in forestry and to share best practices on the topic in the country, while objectives of the project are:

  •  Analysis of causes and actors of illegal logging in forestry in North Macedonia
  •  Capacity development program for forestry stakeholders and other relevant actors
  • -Introduction of innovative practices in the fight against illegal logging.
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