Meeting with the Federation of Mountaineering Sports

February 26, 2023

On February 25, 2023, a meeting was held in Skopje with the representatives of the mountaineering clubs that are part of the Federation of Mountaineering Sports. Representatives of 9 mountaineering clubs (Ruen, Kozjak, Korab, Kumanovo, Bistra, Transverzalec, Argentus Mount, Shari, Skopska Crna Gora) and the secretary of the Federation of Mountaineering Sports were present at the meeting.

The meeting is organized within the project "Fight illegal forest activities" implemented by REFORD - Skopje with the help of the United States Forest Service.

Within the event, presentations were held on the current and newly proposed legislation with reference to the competent institutions for the protection of forests from illegal activities and certain parts of the law that are of interest to the members of the mountaineering clubs, as well as the nature (causes and consequences) of illegal forest activities.

In the discussion, several questions were raised that are of interest to the mountaineering clubss, especially the forest signs, the paths that mark the mountaineering societies, the movement through the forest in conditions of prohibition due to risk of forest fires, as well as the possibilities of joint contribution to the prevention of illegal forest activities.

Both organizations, the Federation of Mountaineering Sports and REFORD, left open space for future cooperation on issues that are of common interest.

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