Cross-border cooperation

November 15, 2011

Cross-border cooperation supported by REFORD

In order, REFORD to establish new cooperation and strengthen its already existing membership network of National associations of private forest owners was organised cross-border cooperation and joint activities took place in Chepelare, Bulgaria from 1st to 3rd November 2011.

The main objectives of the cross-border activities are:

  • To present and promote the work of REFORD in front of the National Association of Private Forest Owners from Bulgaria, and the possibility of becoming an official member of REFORD;
  • REFORD and its members NAPFOs from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia to gain experience on the situation in Bulgaria regarding the type, manner and purpose of  biomass use, which originates from forests;
  • To become familiar with the operating modus of private forestry engineers and technicians in providing services to PFO in Bulgaria.

Besides REFORD representatives in the cross-border activities, NAPFOs from Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia took active participation. These cross-border activities have resalted with a new member organisation in REFORD, the National Association of private forest owners from Bulgaria and strengthened and enlarged membership network.

More information on the cross-border activities can be found in the following document Cross-border activities Report.

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