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Our target groups are private & communal forest owners and local communities that live in rural areas and use natural resources on sustainable way.

To achieve our mission, we have to gain community trust and address the issue of community development in the same time providing technical support to the rural communities. In our past work we regularly interact with private forest owners and local communities discussing their concerns and problems in order to help them to ensure their sustainability.

REFORD also developed strategy and start with its objectives in:

  • Providing educational services to rural communities (trainings, advising);

  • Working on small scale forestry management issues;

  • Introducing SFM practices in forestry;

  • Promotion of RD initiatives (land consolidation, value chain development on renewable energy and NTFP, agro-forestry practices, farmer forest);

  • Implementation of projects in cooperation with local communities;

  • Integrated NRM focused on economic development for local communities, Private and Communal Forestry.

REFORD focuses on private and communal forest owners, rural communities and rural development (RD) for the communities and their related activities. By continuing to achieve its objectives and mission REFORD developed strategy to broaden the network in the other Balkan countries and establish linkages with EU partner networks (CEPF, Spanish network, Scandinavian network, vocational centers network) are as well one of REFORD long term goals.