About Us

About Us

REFORD is a networking and coordinating organization aiming at rural development, using natural resources in a sustainable way, working mainly on:

  • sharing knowledge and best practices

  • augmenting social and economic power, e.g. trough lobbying and marketing

  • executing projects

Regional Centre for Forestry and Rural Development (REFORD) is a non-government, non-profit organization registered under the law for Civil Associations and Foundations in R. Macedonia (Act 16), with its office in Skopje, R. of Macedonia.

It was founded in 2010 by a group of Forestry engineers which dedicated their work for development of rural communities and sustainable use of natural resources. REFORD is established in consultation and under the mandate of National Associations of Private and Communal Forests from Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

REFORD focuses on private and communal forest owners, rural development for these communities and their related activities. We undertake projects that will help sustainable forest management in private and communal forests. REFORD is developing and providing professional vocational training to forest owners and users. Through these training private and communal forest owners are the first generation of private forest owners in our region receiving professional training in their fields of interest.
People working in REFORD centre are well known experts in forestry issues among rural communities with their commitment to strengthening the capacity of Private and Communal Forest Owners and helping them in sustainable management of their land & forest.

What our future aims are

One of the visions of REFORD is to become a Regional Training centre for forestry and RD, for which purpose REFORD is establishing a network of offices in the region that will take the role of national training centre under the umbrella of REFORD.